Presunout na hlavní obsah


The road of a mussel to Prague,
heart of Europe

  1. After harvesting, the mussels are taken to land and processed.
  2. There they are stored in tanks with fresh sea water.
  3. Mussels then undergoes careful control, cleaning and sorting.
  4. The mussels are ready for export. They travel to multi-level barrels, where clean sea water is pumping, so they stay alive and healthy throughout the whole journey.
  5. After the transport, the mussels are taken out of the water for the very first time and their shelf life begins, which is 6-7 days.
  6. You have a sea in Prague. Enjoy!

Mussel Grower

Kwaliteit Uit Yerseke Premier
  1. Choose a mussel
  2. Fill out and submit
    a simple form
  3. You will receive a unique voucher
    for the e-mail you entered
  4. Hand over the received voucher in the restaurant
    Bon apetit!.
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